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RigaBrain nestrādā ar simptomiem vai diagnozēm, bet 
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A significant number of parents have told us that after training with NeurOptimal® their child's reading level and comprehension has soared. Many of these children had been previously diagnosed with dyslexia and had struggled with reading prior to training. We have also had reports from adults on improved reading fluency, comprehension and retention after using NeurOptimal for themselves. Pilot studies have shown extremely promising results for dyslexic children and children with general reading disabilities training with neurofeedback. You can review a couple of those studies here and here.

NeurOptimal® is not a treatment for dyslexia or any other learning disability or condition, it is a tool for relaxation and self-optimization. Children with any type of learning difference often experience anxiety and stress at school when they feel like they are different. NeurOptimal® training can help kids to feel more calm in otherwise stressful and challenging environments, allowing them to perform at their best and to benefit more fully from interventions offered.

Parenting and/or teaching a child who is experiencing difficulties can be extremely stressful, training with NeurOptimal® can help parents and teachers to relax and handle these challenges in more calm and effective ways. In our offices, we train parents alongside their children at no additional cost. We have found that when a parent trains, the child tends to make faster gains. Children love it when their parents train with them and parents also enjoy the training.

NeurOptimal® brain training helps each brain to improve its own functioning by simply providing real time feedback about its behavior. Much like a mirror, NeurOptimal® does not cause changes to happen; it merely reflects what is happening, thus allowing the brain and central nervous system to improve in a way that is best for each individual.

Scientific understanding of how the brain works is growing rapidly; it is now clearly understood that brains are not nearly as "hardwired" as previously thought. Brains of all ages have neuroplasticity which means they are capable of making incredible changes when given the right information.

Many programs designed to help struggling students are designed to help "re-wire" the brain through exercises and repetition. This can be very helpful but also may be time consuming and tedious. Focusing on remediating a child's weakness with drills and practice can be an unpleasant experience for everyone involved. NeurOptimal is effortless, and children enjoy it because they can play, read or watch a movie during their 33.5 minute sessions and still see great outcomes. It's literally effortless!

Because NeurOptimal® works with the whole brain, it is unnecessary to know exactly what or where the difficulties are, everyone can benefit. The whole brain is going to get the feedback it needs to work better. We don't know the full extent to which brain training can help with this specific reading problem, but we do know that NeurOptimal can help all students to perform at their best often removing significant barriers to success. The following school performance numbers are from a 2014 worldwide survey. After 20-30 sessions:

84% of users reported gains in school performance of over 40%
Over half of users reported gains in school performance of over 70%

NeurOptimal® is not a replacement for accommodations or interventions for children with learning differences; rather, it is a tool to allow the brain to function optimally, enabling all brains to benefit more fully from any programs or interventions in place. We have seen improvements in reading ability for clients diagnosed with dyslexia (and also for those without formal diagnoses).

NeurOptimal® is used for holistic brain fitness purposes and not a targeted treatment, we cannot predict the outcomes of training for any individual and we make no claims of "treating" any "disorder". We can say that NeurOptimal training is enjoyable, effortless, relaxing, non-invasive and carries no risk.

NeurOptimal® has been used worldwide for over 17 years and well over 3 million training hours. See below for some recent testimonials and click the blue button to check out the trainer survey which will give you an idea of what types of changes people report:

”I actually read 4 chapters the other day. Not only did I only read it only once but I retained it and understood it. That has NEVER happened!!! I just sat there and cried.” Nikki Sparkman, OK

“…here are some things that we are noticing with [our 6 year old son]: his coloring has greatly improved, he wrote his first word on his own without anyone writing it for him, his handwriting is so much better that we thought it was another child's, he went from not recognizing 12 letters of the alphabet to not recognizing only 4 in the first week and half, it's not as much of a fight to get him to do homework now, he told me the training made him want to read a book. Well, needless to say we are so thrilled.” C.L. – Dallas

“My son's school did a reading assessment on him recently, and he scored on a 6th grade level in both Fluency and Comprehension - one grade level above. Not bad for a kid previously diagnosed with Dyslexia. At this rate, we will have to remove the label soon, and drop services. It will be a celebration day for sure!!” Background: “he was diagnosed with Dyslexia in 3rd grade, and had tutoring during the year, which helped. We did about 15 NeurOptimal sessions between the 3rd and 4th grade summer. We saw some improvement, mostly in reading at that time. He tested at grade level and did not struggle as much with unknown words at the beginning of 4th year. Then we did another set of sessions (about 15) this past summer (between 4th and 5th grade), and are continuing to do about one session every week to 10 days. We saw another marked improvement in reading at the beginning of the year, (testing 1 grade above) and his writing has also shown improvement. It is much easier for him to write down his ideas, whereas last year he had to spend quite a bit of time with one on one time with the teacher to show improvement.” D. Muir – Frisco

“…my 11 year old dyslexic son improved so dramatically after 14 sessions that I'm not sure if we can still label him dyslexic! He went from a barely 2nd grade reading level, where reading was a constant struggle and he *hated* reading, to almost overnight jumping 3 grades and devouring books as fast as he can. In the last couple of weeks, he has read Charlotte's Web, Squanto, the Tanglewood Secret, Twice Freed, and several other 'living history' books. His writing has also dramatically improved. Spelling - well, that's still a struggle, but he's making progress.” M. Ellis, Austin

"I got compliments from a lady at church who noticed a difference in [my son].   She used to sit next to him during children's church to remind him to pay attention or due to behavior issues.  So she moved on to other kids because he didn't seem to need her assistance anymore." Diana C. Houston, TX

"My daughter is actually taking care with her homework and reviewing it now to correct her own mistakes before handing it to me, before she would just rush through it and not care and it would be full of errors" Beth P Fort Worth

"Ok, I am definitely seeing results with [my son]. Homework was a breeze tonight - what a pleasure!" D.M., Frisco

"He (my son) isn't getting in trouble at school since he started training" Anon, Fort Worth

"the 2017 Benchmarks - Reading and Social Studies are the first STAAR tests [my son] has ever passed. Those were taken in February after the NeurOptimal sessions he completed in January" E. Salzman Grand Prairie, TX

“…my son seems to be responding amazingly well. He told me yesterday his Tutor was so proud of how quickly and how well he’s retaining information. This is HUGE for him. He’s struggled with that his whole life! I find he’s memorizing his vocab words much faster and he just seems happier than I’ve seen him in a long time!!! Thank you so much!!!!” S.M Home system rental user after one month.

“When Harry was dx ADHD, he was barely on grade level with his reading. (That was 1st grade) By the time he had been through just the Cygnet training he was easily on grade. With NeurOptimal he blasted beyond - in 5th grade, he was tested to read at a senior in High School level.” Jules Ford Burbank

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